The 13th Zomi Siamsin Seminar, Tungzang khua 2019

Talk by Bishop Felix at the 13th Zomi Siamsin Seminar, Tungzang on (6.11.2019). His inspiring speech was tirelessly and enthusiastically listened by the University Students from nine to twelve in the morning. The Students are motivated and eager to enlarge their knowledge that they asked questions to the resource person and they spent half an hour for answers and questions. After that the University students presented gifts to the resource person to express their honored and gratitude and the first period was successfully ended at half past twelve in the afternoon.

Zingsang nai 9:00-12:00 dong Bishop Felix in Zomi Siamsin Seminar ah Sangnaupang te tha piak na nei-in, Sangnaupang te bek tham lo in Tuithang leh Tungzang khua pan zong Upa te pawl khat thungai in hong pai in tha ki ngah mah mah hi. Dotna leh dawn na te zong nai lang sung bang nei-in 12:30 in nuamtak in a ma hun ki man sing hi. Hih thu gen na te a video in hong ki khah khia lai ding hi. Internet Connection pen Tungzang khua a hun zatna mun Tuiphum Biakinn ah line a hat nam khat zong om lo a hih manin live in hong ki khah khia zo lo hi. A hi zongin RVA Fb page leh you tube te pan a sawt lo in ki ngai thei ding hi.

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