Spiritual Nourishment Program Held in the Assumption Intermediate Seminary, Kalaymyo (15-18.6.2022)

Assumption Inter Mediate Seminary ah Pasian thu Lungngaihna (15-18.2022)

It has been two years that the diocese couldn’t run the Assumption Intermediate Seminary due to Covid-19 and the current political situation in Myanmar.
In spite of many difficulties and risks, the diocese decided to reopen the Seminary and invited the new candidates who passed the matriculation examination and the old Seminarians from the beginning of June, this year 2022.
With great joy, Rev. Fr. Robert Pau Gin Mung (Rector of the Assumption Intermediate Seminary) arranged to begin the academic year with a threefold day retreat for he has been two years in the Seminary without proper students.
In order to give Spiritual Nourishments to the Seminarians, an senior and experienced priest Rev. Fr. Philip En Khan Mang (Parish Priest of St. Paul’s Church, Sakollam) was invited by the Rector of the Seminary. The Retreat was started on the evening of 15 June and will be ended on 18 June 2022.
In this Assumption Inter Mediate Seminary, the Seminarians are from both Kalay Diocese and Hakha Diocese. Normally, the Seminarians have to learn Catechism, Advance English, and basic Latin for four years in the seminary. Including the new and old Seminarians, they are all together (51) persons from the first year to the fourth year in the Assumption Intermediate Seminary.
Let’s pray for the Seminarians to be able to overcome all the barriers to becoming priests.

Assumption Inter Mediate Seminary ah Pasian thu Lungngaihna (15-18.2022)
Covid-19 natna hang leh Kawlgam sung buaina hang tawh kum nih sung bang Minor Sang ki khak hi mah ta leh tu kum June kha pan in ki hong kik zo ahih mah in ih Biak Topa Pasian tungah lung dam hang.
Minor Sanguk pa Rev. Fr. Robert Pau Gin Mung vaihawm siamna tawh Rev. Fr. Philip En Khan Mang (PP of Sakollam) in June 15 pan 18 ni dong sang nau pang te Pasian thu lungngaihna makaih ding hi-in zan nitak pan ki pan khin hi.
Hih Pasian thu lungngaihna picing takin a bawl zawh nang uh leh Sangnaupangte in Siampi a suah zawh nangun thu ngetsak ciat ni. Tu laitak pen Sangnaupang vekpi (51) pha hi.

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