Spiritual Nourishment for Parents (July 22-23, 2022)

Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Nupi leh Papi te Pasian thusinna

The feast day of Sts. Joachim and Anne (July 26) is special for the Catholic faithful of Myanmar as this is the Day to honor Grandparents and parents. Thus, every year, in the parish of Sts Peter and Paul, the Spiritual nourishment course is given three days before the feast day of Sts. Joachim and Anne. However, it has been three years that the spiritual nourishment for parents is not given due to the covid-19 pandemic and the political uncertainty in the country.

Under the leadership of the military regime in the Country, everything can’t run properly and all the people are filled with stress and disappointment not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. In spite of this disappointment, the parish priest of Sts. Peter and Paul’s Church, Rev. Fr. Maximian Pau Sian Mung arranged “Spiritual Nourishment for Parents” two days on July 22 and 23, 2022 and concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration on July 24, 2022.

Surprisingly, (170) marriage persons could participate in the course out of almost (400) families in the whole parish. It seems to be few for a normal period yet it is a great number for the present situation in the Country.

The courses were given by four priests on the following subjects. These subjects are the sacraments in the life of a Christian, the importance of communication, how important to make the Sabbath holy and the meaning of Almsgiving.

Firstly, Fr. Maximian Pau Sian Mung taught the importance of Sacraments in the life of a Christian, how to receive and live the Sacraments worthily and imparting the twelve impediments in the Sacrament of Marriage and grounds for nullifying the Sacrament of Marriage.

Secondly, Fr. Joseph Thang Nen Zo Mung described the vitality of Social Communication for human being as none of the living systems on Earth could exist without communication. He gave the ways and the means how to communicate with God, the creator and with all the creatures to be able to live peacefully.

Thirdly, Fr. Andrew Go Khan Nang illustrated the meaning of Sabbath in the Bible and clarified how and why it is important in our Christian lives and how the Sabbath was gradually celebrated on Sunday according to the Bible and tradition of the Church.

Lastly, Fr. Robert Pau Gin Mung explicated the meaning of almsgiving such as spiritual and religious practice that strengthens our love for God and for others, increases our detachment and contributes to greater social justice.

At the end of the course, there was an evaluation session and the participants described the importance of what they have learned during this short course and how helpful and practical these courses are for their lives.

The celebration of the feast day of Sts. Joachim and Anne locally named and held “Parents’ Day” which is a fixed day to honor the elderly persons such as grandparents and parents in Myanmar was moved to Sunday July 24 and the short course was concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration. On this feast day as sign of love and respect, the presents were given to the elderly persons.

Sts. Peter & Paul Biakinn, Kalaymyo ah “Nu leh Pa Pawi” minsuangin Nupite leh Papite aa ding Pasian thusinna Tintan July 22 leh 23 te in nasia takin ki bawlin Tua suanah Siampite (4) leh Thuhilhsia (6) te in Pasian thuhilhna nei uh hi. Hih Pasian thusinna sungah Sts. Peter & Paul Parish sungah inn (400) kim a phakna lak uh pan Nupi leh Papi mimal (170) bang hong kihel thei-in inn phazah tawh tuatleng a tawm a hih hangin tu laitak hun leh mite ii Pasian thu lungngaihna tawh ki zui-in a tam hi zaw hi ci-in ngaih sun uh hi. Nu leh Pa Pawi pen July 24 nipini in bawlin tua sungah U Ham kum tam zawdeuh teng khangnote in zahtak piakna leh letsong piakna nei uh hi.

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