Meeting on Fiat Journal (2.12.2020)

Kalay Diocese mintawh Thukizaksak na "Fiat Journal"

Catholic News namely "Fiat Journal" has been published by the Diocese of Kalay since 2015 and now it is needed to update. Thus, the Diocesan Bishop invited a meeting this morning and discussed (how to promote the quality of the Journal) with priests who are responsible for publishing of the journal. From the outcome of this meeting, the faithful will see a better and updated "Fiat Journal" such as (size, quality of articles and news) on the second Month of New Year. You all are invited to read the materials in this Journal from "Fiat Journal website and Facebook Page.

Kalay Diocese mintawh Thukizaksak na "Fiat Journal" ih hawm khiat zawh kum (5) hong ciangta a hih manin ih Biak Topa Pasian tungah lungdamna tawh tuni-in Kalaymyo Siadaw huang ah Siadawpa makai-in thukikupna khat ki nei hi. Tua thukikupna sungah mailamah a hoihzaw in ih sepzawh nang thuzui mite tungah "Journal bu" a hoih zaw leh Pasian thu manpha te a tangzai zawin zak sak zawh nang kikupna leh khen satna te ki nei hi. Hih meeting pan thukhensatna tawh ki zui-in maikum (2021) February kha pan ki pan a hoih zaw in hong ki bawl ta ding hi. Thuzui mite aa dingin lawp huai leh tha ngah huai mah mah hi. Lai pen Zolai leh Kawl lai tawh ki hawm khia in thuzui mite in ih siam zawk zawk lai te tawh a theih huai thute hong at in "Fiat Journal" editor Rev. Fr. Sebastian Phun Lian Mawi leh Rev. Fr. Paul Lang Muan Lian te tungah lai nong puak nangun hong zasak ing. Hih laite pen Fiat Journal website leh Facebook page te zong pan kisim thei hi. Journal laibu pen a lei leh a sim ki tawm lai mah mah ahih manin thuzui mite in maikum pan lawptak in tua sunga om laite sim in ih nuntak pih ciat ni ci-in kong zawn hi.

By Fr. Joseph Zo Mung (Director of OSC & RVA Tedim Chin, Kalay Diocese)

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