Blessing of Loving Momery Stone

Mualsuang thupha piakna

(82) years ago, a Missionary Priest Rev. Fr. Pierre Blivet (M.E.P) arrived with his friends in Tonzang myo, Northen part of Chin State, Kalay Diocese, Myanmar in (1939) and then he moved to Tuithang village in (1960) and stayed there up to (1975). He spent his mission (15) years in Tuithang village and he is known as the first missionary and the first parish priest in Tuithang.
The seed of faith which he sowed grew rappidly and now there were almost (4000) numbers of Catholic faithful in Tuithang parish and more than (56) thousands in the Diocese.
Under the guidance of the present parish priest Rev. Fr. John Lian Cin Pau, the faithful eracted a marble stone "in loving memory of the first missionary and parish priest Rev. Fr. Blivet (MEP)" at the parish center, Tuithang village.
This "Loving Memory Stone" was solemnly blessed by Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang (the Ordinary of Kalay Diocese) on (19.12.2021). The priests and the faithful in the Diocese of Kalay are quite satisfied with this occasion as the missionaries in Chin State and Kalay Diocese are always in the hearts of the faithful.
Tuma kum (82) hun lai-in Zogam saklam Tonzang Khuapi ah Pasian thu tangko in Rev. Fr. Pierre Blivet (M.E.P) leh a pawl te (1939) kum in hong tung hi. Tua pan Fr. Blivet pen Tuithang khua ah (1960) kum in hong tung in (1075) kum dong (15) sung om in Pasian thu nungta ahi, upna khaici hong vawh khia hi. Tua hun lai aa a vawh khaici te manlang takin hong po in khangto mah mah ahih manin tu-in Catholic thuzui mi (4000) kim bang Tuithang Parish sung ah om in tul (56) val bang Kalay Diocese sungah om ta hi.
Tui laitak in Tuithang Khua aa om Rev. Fr. John Lian Cin Pau ii vaihawm siamna leh thuzui mite ii han ciam na tawh Rev. Fr. Blivet (M.E.P) phawkna Mualsuang pen Tuithang khua ah kiphut in Kalay Diocese hong cing hong kem Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang in (19.12.2021) ni-in thupha piakna nei hi.
Khamtung gam leh Kalay Diocese sunga Pasian nasem in a hong pai "Missionary" te ki phawk mah mah a hih man in, hih mualsuang phuhna hangin Diocese sunga om Siampite leh thuzuite in tha ngah mahmah uh hi.
By- Rev. Fr. Joseph Zo Mung
(Director of OSC & RVA, Kalay Diocese)

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