Online pan Missa Ngaihna ii Thupitna

The Effects of Online Mass Online pan Missa Ngaihna ii Thupitna Missa Biakpiakna leh Sacramentu te sanna pen Biakinn ah pai aa ih san na in a thupi pen pen ahi hi. A hi zongin hih Covid-19 natna lungno hang tawh Biakinn ah kikhop ding ki khak a hih manin tua hun sungin A lianbel Siampi pa in Topa Jesu tung pan a ngah thuneihna aa na tawh Online pan in Missa ngai in Sacramentu te upna lungsim takpi tawh ih san leh a tak tak aa ih san mah tawh ki bangin vangliatna nei hi cih thu tu aa Covid-19 pulnatna hun sunga dingin hong tangko khia hi. A hi zongin Biakinn ah ih kikhop theih ciangin Biakinn ah pan in Sacramentu te ih san hamtang ding ki sam hi cih thu a hong vaikhak na te Vedio in ih et theih dingin RVA pan hong khah khia ung. A en, a za, a ngai mimal khat kim ciat tungah ih Biak Topa Pasian in kicing takin thupha hongpia ta hen! Amen. The Effects of Online Mass Purpose – For the faithful who follow Mass from online should experience as ifthey were attending physically in the Mass. To understand the importance of receiving communion by faith. Message – To make people to understand the power of the Church given by Jesus Christ and also the importance of receiving communion by faith. At the same time, people will understand how much washing hands and using masks is important to prevent from covid-19. Choice of Topic – Because of Covid-19, the priests are not allowed to celebrate public Mass and so they broadcast celebration of Mass through social media (Online). However, some of the faithful didn’t understand and value to hear Mass from online. They felt meaningless to receive holy communion by faith. Actions - One family will stay at their house and one of the church elders will visit their house. The Church’s elder will wear mask and also clean his hands before entering the house. The church elder will tell the family a message given by the parish priest that beginning from the next day, there will be no more public Mass in the Church for it is forbidden public gathering because of covid-19 and also he will give a little instruction how to prevent from covid-19 and then he will go back from their house. After that one of the daughter will see a message from RVA Tedim Chin Service Fb-Page that there will be Online Mass every morning at 9:30 AM and everyone is invited to join online Mass. The daughter will tell this news to her parents (family) and then her brother (Anthony) will deny to join Mass. He will tell to his father that it is meaningless to join online Mass for we can’t receive holy communion. While saying this, one of his sister will initiate the whole family to join online Mass for it is almost time up. And then all the family members will join Online Mass. During the Mass, the priest will tell in his homily about the importance of joining Online Mass saying that to join Mass and receive communion by faith is the best way to communicate with God for this pandemic period. As Pope Francis encouraged and announced to the faithful to join Mass from online, it is the same Mass as if we were in the Mass during this pandemic period. After the end of the Mass Mr. Anthony will say to his family members the following words; I really now understand the importance of joining Mass in Online from the homily of the priest and then he will express his desire to join Online Mass every day with his family. The family will say it is a golden chance to join Mass in Online every day and then the movie will be ended. Percipients – One family and other one person altogether around (6) persons.

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