Leitung Pilna Bek Tawh Kicing Zolo cih Video

Leitung Pilna Bek Tawh Kicing Zolo, Ih Tate Sangkah sak ding, bek phawkin Pasian thu sinsak ding a phawk khalo Nu leh Pa te aa ding RVA pan video khat hong khah khia ung. Leitung Pilna bek nei in Pasian thu ih don kei khak leh innkuan sungah nopsak na om zo ngeilo ding hi. Tate in Nu leh Pa te tungah itna leh zahtak na  a ngeih ding ih deih leh a neulai pan kipanin Pasian thu tawh pattah ciat ni. #Civil #Education is not #Sufficient.  Purpose  To present people the need of Religious Education such as catechism class for the children, adolescence and adult to have a good faith and sound morality to build up a peaceful life in the family, in the Church and in the world.  
Messages -  Without the grace of God, we cant build a peaceful family and community. In order to understand the will of God, we need to educate Religious Knowledge to the children. Civil education is not sufficient to build up a peaceful community. Thus, we should not forget Religious Education.
Choice of Topic  Nowadays many Catholic Families ignored Religious Knowledge and give their children only Civil Education. They force their children to learn civil education and yet they put Religious Education as a choice for their children. The parents focus only civil education and didnt guide their children to catechism class. As a consequence, the children didnt respect God and their parents and so, they cant build a peaceful family.
Actions  One couple namely Pa Tuang and Nu Cing with one son and two daughters are in the family. In this family, the children were educated both civil and in the Church. The son and daughters observed religious practice very well for they are trained and well guided by their parents to have the knowledge from their childhood. They live peacefully in the family with great love and respect each other. One day, the friend of the father namely Pa Kham visited their house and observed their family life and saw that the youngest daughter was with the parents and she was just finished her study in University and didnt get job. The elder daughter was a Clerk and she works in a bank. The eldest son was an engineer and he is working in the government office. While Pa Kham was in his friend Pa Tuangs house, the daughter and son of Pa Tuang were coming back from their work turn by turn. When they arrived home, they payed homage to their parents and offered small gifts as they did usually. When Pa Kham saw the relationship and situation of their family, with great admiration, he expressed his feeling to his friend Pa Tuang and said, I have sons and daughters like you and they all are well educated and working in different offices, they earned enough money for our family yet our family is not peaceful, they didnt respect each other including me and their mother, they have money yet they didnt help each other and there is also jealousy among them. Our family is miserable. But your family is peaceful. I want to create a peaceful family in my house.  After saying all these things, he asked his friend saying that how do you guide your children from their childhood? Pa Tuang told his friend, I led them to Catechism Class since their childhood, I guided them to learn Religious knowledge, we attend Mass every day and we recite Rosary every night and above all else, I feel that it is the grace of God for our family is blessed. After hearing all these things from Pa Tuang, Pa Kham reflected his life and noticed his mistake of leading his sons and daughters from their childhood. In the past he never guides his children with catechism. He just focused only on civil education and ignored Religious Education for his children.  Thus, with great regret, Pa Kham said, now, I do believe that only civil education is not sufficient for our life, we need to learn Religious knowledge to have a peaceful life. With a repentance heart, he wanted to form himself and his family and said, From now on, I will lead my sons and daughters with catechism and teach them Religious knowledge how to love God and others so that my family will become a peaceful family. And then the video will be concluded. 
Participants  A couple with two daughters and one son and the guest the friend of the father. All together (7) persons.
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